The plantation

In the foothills of Snowdonia, North Wales

At Uklyptus our aim is simple—to produce the best eucalyptus foliage florists can buy anywhere, second to none.

Checking the eucalyptus foliage crop

We run a eucalyptus plantation in North Wales that was established almost fifty years ago, growing foliage for the cut flower trade.

Our Eucalyptus plantation on a cold but sunny morning

Harvesting takes place in the winter months. In spring, as the pollarded stumps are beginning to produce shoots, huge numbers of native bluebells flower. Bluebell bulbs and seeds from our plantation can be bought from Wildwood Bluebells.

Native bluebells thrive in the plantation

The eucalypts then grow very strongly throughout the summer.

Shannon Blue eucalyptus in the plantation

The eucs continue growing into autumn, and are only ready to harvest when growth slows as temperatures drop.

About the foliage

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