Eucalyptus foliage

Finest quality eucalyptus straight from the grower

We supply some of the best flower shops in the country and we’re confident that this is the best eucalyptus around. If you’re serious about foliage and want the best for your flower displays, our foliage is for you.

Beautiful flowers with eucalyptus foliage © Fierce Blooms

Our premium grade foliage is packed into boxes and sent to our customers by courier so that the eucalyptus arrives fresh on the following day. Boxes contain:

  • XL — Extra Long bunches (77–92 cm) of about 6–7 stems
  • L — Long bunches (52–66 cm) of about 6–8 stems
  • M — Medium bunches (38–43 cm) of about 6–9 stems
  • S — Small bunches (31–36 cm) of about 12–16 stems

The number of stems in a bunch varies according to their bushiness.

A box consists of a mixture of sizes (typically 5 XL, 15 L, 14 M, 3 S) and varieties.

Christmas wreath with eucalyptus foliage © Fierce Blooms


Beauty, longevity, freshness and variety—these are the qualities which make our eucalyptus foliage the best there is, prized and recommended by top florists and flower shops of the UK.

Grey eucalyptus foliage

In an age of mass-market uniformity our beautiful euco cut foliage, with its delicacy and high quality, stands out as an extraordinary natural product and as the only real complement for the most exquisite cut flowers.


We grow several varieties of eucalyptus including hybrids selected for their vigour and beauty. Species include:

  • E. glaucescens
  • E. gunnii
  • E. parvula
  • E. nicholii
  • E. coccifera
  • E. pulverulenta (Baby Blue)
  • E. perriniana
  • E. delegatensis
Rain on eucalypt foliage in our plantation, north Wales

Delivery and reliability

Reliability of service is key to the success of our operation—we have many satisfied customers throughout the UK and wish to keep it that way.

Florists receive regular weekly or fortnightly deliveries, with extra boxes available at busy times such as Valentine’s Day.

  • Ultra-reliable service
  • 24 hr delivery
  • Delivery throughout Great Britain
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Flower bouquet with eucalyptus

Ordering and Availability

Order with us and you become a cherished customer receiving an attentive personal service, whilst supporting British growers and reducing your environmental impact. Contact us now to enquire or order.

  • 40 years experience
  • First class eucalyptus
  • Grown in Britain
  • Low carbon emissions
  • Zero air miles
  • No price fluctuations

Not a florist?

In the season we usually have an excess of small bunches, which we double up and then sell on our Etsy page. These bunches are ideal for table decorations, wreath-making, and even hanging in the shower.

Tulips and eucalyptus
Tulips and eucalyptus

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